Weekly Photography Challenge: Intricate

The new photography theme for this week is “Intricate” – an old Reader’s Digest Wordfinder tells me that the word means complicated, complex, sophisticated, involved, difficult to understand, and, informally, tricky, knotty and full of detail or difficulties, entangled; devious. I don’t think I’ve got anything devious here…

The spider web on the clothes peg is complicated etc, as is the vintage lace under the beautiful old pearly buttons on the brooch I made. I would hope that my earrings are sophisticated, but I prefer it if they aren’t entangled!

I made myself a nice afternoon tea on a tray – more involved than a tea-bag and a biscuit -Why not?, as my mug reminds me. I love the intricate floral patterns of the vintage tray and saucer, and the fact that the colours in the shiny new mug match the quite old napkin. I nearly always have a cup of chai tea of an afternoon – at chai o’clock – but I don’t often go to so much trouble. I think it all tastes better when I do, though!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Symmetry

The theme of the week for the Photography Challenge is  Symmetry – heart

The shape we all recognize as “Love Heart” is usually perfectly symmetrical, as is this lovely old brooch. I would like to wear it more often, but the clasp is…untrustworthy, so it is likely to come undone, and get lost.a pair of jackets

Not quite symmetrical, this pair of baby’s matinee jackets were both bought in op shop/thrift stores around thirty years apart. They are knitted to the same pattern, but are not quite identical, either, as the newer one has a larger collar, and only two buttons.book layout

maybe I should have cropped this picture a little, so that the table was exactly in the middle, to emphasise the symmetry of the image. We were working on the layout of a book of the history of our local Hall, and spread all the pages across two trestle tables in order to survey the whole thing. You can see some of the local pioneers portraits at the bottom – our Hall is famously adorned with them, and Anne had spent months on the task of unearthing information about the lives of as many as possible – difficult since some of the names had been mis-spelled over the years, quite apart from the lapse of time. Kelly, on the right, has relatives amongst the pioneers – another piece of symmetry.