Weekly Photography Challenge: Curve

This week it’s curves we need to portray to rise to the challenge. There are curves all around us, every day. Our own bodies are full of curves, and although most architecture employs straight lines, the objects we put inside our building are frequently curved. Curves are pleasing, suggesting softness and a more relaxed outlook on life.

In order to photograph some curves, I didn’t even need to leave the room – but I added a photo I took at my mother’s house a few weeks ago.

Bowls and balls of yarn just seem to go together – in my house, anyway. The painting was just playing around with Peerless watercolours – but then curvy tea vessels appeared out of the background. There’s a very curvy vase on my mantelpiece, alongside several other curvy objects –  the glass bird in particular. I will never acheive a minimalist mantel – partly because having the space occupied keeps the cat off – but also because I enjoy collecting and juxtaposing groups of things too much!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Symbol

We are constantly surrounded by symbols in our day to day life, many so mundane we barely notice them. I’ve been thinking about them, because this week’s Photography Challenge theme is “Symbol”, which asks for something more profound and personal than, say, the symbol for “ladies loo” or “left turn only”-  symbology


I made this beaded artwork a few years ago, following the kind of pattern that gives a general outline, and then says, do your own thing.

It began with the disc (symbol of wholeness) and then the triangle inside it, with symbols at each point. The top one is “your idea of God”, for which I chose a copper washer, backed with a shisha mirror, the lower left is “how you see yourself”, for which I picked a turtle, as symbol of self-containment/introversion, and the right is “how your friends see you”, with the kettle symbolising comfort and friendship – tea and sympathy, even.

Having put those symbols in place, the rest is packed with tiny beads in random colours, and with  more symbols here and there. The beaded fringe has even more, although you can’t see them in this photograph. As a further symbol, my reflection in the glass of the frame could be a symbol of this piece being a reflection of how I see myself…screen tea cup screen tea cup 3 screen tea cup 2 bowl edit


I have quite a collection of bowls – I just like them, and they come in handy – but they can also be read as symbols of The Feminine, being containers, receptive and all that. My husband thinks I have too many, but what would he know? Here are three of my tea bowls, and one lovely green vintage cereal bowl.