Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 24


The quote at the top of the page is ” Redemption only comes after we have moved through the horrors of our present situation to the better world that lies beyond it.” Derrick Jenson (author of “A Language Older Than Words’). I made free use of my stitches stamp to decorate the page, along with doodles and pasted on pieces of card. The tea-bag envelope contains a card with these words, from poet W.B. Yeats – “From our birthday until we die, Is but the winking of an eye.” Its from a sheet of stickers intended for card-making, but I can’t imagine that anyone would want to put such a gloomy sentiment on a birthday card!as85


More peace love empathy on the next page, too. Our first computer (how did we ever get along without it!) came with an art-making disc, which we had a lot of fun with. The kids got the hang of it better than I did, of course – they were using computers at school, and they had the advantage of just being young. You could do all sorts of things with it, but it wouldn’t even run on our new computer, sadly. And there are no doubt up to date and more exciting versions. It was along time before we worked out how to print our creations, so this is a rarity!