Weekly Photography Challenge: Weathered

I had thought of looking for some nice weathered timber for this challenge, but I’m going with landscape, after visiting this wind-swept lake recently. Time and the elements have ground down the mountains in the background, and filled the shallow lake with whatever it is that water birds like to eat. It was the brolgas we were looking for (they weren’t so keen to see us), but there are Black swans, pelicans, spoonbills, sandpipers, stilts, marsh harriers, marsh terns, both glossy and white ibis and various ducks.


There are windturbines on the hills nearby, taking advantage of the winds that sweep across the plains east of the Grampians – known locally as Pleurisy Plains because that wind can be bitter and unrelenting in winter. Even in summer, it was pretty chilly with the wind off the lake!

Friday Poem: Black Hole

I wrote this a few years ago, when I could still afford the luxury of multi-coloured hair. I think most people thought it signaled “artist”, and for a few “weirdo”, but I was talking to someone who seemed to think I must be outgoing and hyper-social, and the only reason I could think of that might have given him that idea – was my tri-colour hair…I addressed this to him (not that I ever saw him again).gang-gang

My hair
Is the only
Loud thing about me.
I am the person
Who stands in a corner
At parties
And watches everyone else.

I will listen and smile
And say nothing
I am gathering them into
I am a black hole
Of a woman;
I am gathering them

Those whom I swallow
Are remade in another

I’m not at all a loud person – ask anyone who knows me! – but I do like my music loud and live whenever possible, although I feel like I’m getting a bit old for the Big Day Out now…It’s a great people watching event, though!

The bird is a Gang-gang cockatoo. Only the male has the wonderful red “hair”. They have strange creaking call, which they make while flying, and I am always excited when I hear it, because they are one of my favourite birds in the world!