Weekly Photography Challenge: Beginning

This weeks Photography challenge theme is beginning, which, as ever, offers up all sorts of possibilities. As you may know, I’m a newish granny, thanks to my younger daughter, Zoe (and her partner, Matt!). Zoe has carried the ambition for motherhood, I believe, from a beginning when she was four and a bit, and her little brother Alex joined our family.

zoe and alexShe was always besotted with animals as well as babies. The cats have taken a step down in their household, but only a small one…

DSCF7107For Juniper everything is beginning. Who knows what she might do in her life? She certainly seems keen to find out. I haven’t seen her (except on Facebook) since the end of November – she’s much bigger now! I hope to see her in the next month or two, after the family -including the three fur-sisters – have relocated to Canberra. I do hope she remembers her Granny!


Daily Prompt: Beginning

‘Beginning’ provides an excellent excuse to post some photos of my Grand daughter, Juniper. At seven and a bit weeks of age, she is at the beginning of life, and very keen to dive right in and learn all about it. Wouldn’t it be great to have back all that wonder and enthusiasm (she will gaze intently for minutes at a time at the shelves of books…), but without the difficulties of locomotion and communication…