Weekly Photography Challenge: Relax

At this time of year, with the clarion call of “buy! buy! BUY!” ringing across the land, “relax” is truly a challenge! Cats don’t have any urge to do Christmas shopping, so maybe that’s why Morgen can manage to sleep most of the day (and night). Me remaking the bed was only a temporary interruption…

I like my old eiderdowns (I’m not sure why they got the name – there’s no down in them) with their sweet rosey prints. They’ve usually got some wear and tear (literal) that has to be underneath out of sight.One of my cushions was made (upcycled) from a Nirvana Muddy Banks tee-shirt (wear and tear again!). The back of it features photos of the actual banks of the Wishkah River, from our visit there 5 years ago (they really are muddy…). Sewing is a way I like to relax, but I like to get the tidying up done first, unfortunately.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Inside

I had to wait until late Sunday night to find out that this weeks Challenge theme is Inside, because I was travelling with no internet access. So it seems appropriate to share some travel pics from The Trip Of A Lifetime – the beds in all the hotel rooms we stayed in for our month in the lovely Pacific Northwest. At last I have a reason for taking them!

Fundamentally, a hotel room (or other accommodation), is just a place to sleep and keep your stuff inside while you explore the area and see the sights. But without that little place of refuge inside your room, the joys of travel would be very much diminished. If only American hotel rooms had a kettle inside them, as well as or instead of the coffee machine, a person could enjoy a nice cup of tea! In Portland, in a moment of reckless desperation, I tried making tea by running water through the machine, sans coffee. It sort of worked, but the resulting tea had a taint of coffee, which was…interesting.