Weekly Photography Challenge: Evanescent

The theme, like this week, is “evanescent” – although the week could be quite memorable, since I am here in Canberra awaiting the birth of Juniper’s sibling. We spent much of yesterday afternoon outside, enjoying the fleeting autumn sunshine and the last of the fast -falling leaves. Juni’s Mummy gave her some big sticks of chalk to draw on the concrete path, knowing that whatever art she produced would soon be gone. It rained a bit today (which didn’t keep Juni from playing outside), so I’m guessing the chalk marks have already faded away. Thanks to photography, they won’t be utterly forgotten, though.

The red leaf was hanging by a thread, besides which the ray of sunlight would soon move away, so that glow was particularly short-lived. We all know about dandelion clocks! I count myself lucky to have found one still intact.

Creativity: Making a Book III

I’m still in Canberra for a few more days – where did the weeks go? I’ve been spending time with my little grand daughter, so less time on being “creative”…except that Juniper time includes drawing and play dough and reading books. However, I have added more to my journal, so here are some more of the pages in a gallery.

I’ve included two versions of a couple of pages, so you can see that I have added more colour and content over time. I bought a lovely feather stamp (and purple ink for it) last week, so a few more feathers have joined the many leaves. I’d forgotten how very satisfying it can be to pop a veiny leaf under a sheet of thinnish paper, and rub over it with a coloured pencil – or even a good old grey-lead. On some pages, I kept moving and re-doing the same leaf to make patterns – they could be nice printed on fabric. I’ve also written up little stories of things I’ve seen on my walks.

Here is a rubbing done with a 4B pencil, and then coloured with watercolour paint. Because it’s Kraft paper, the wet paint wasn’t absorbed, but ‘sat’ on the surface until it dried, pooling a little, to pleasing effect, I think. For the other leaf, I traced around a poplar leaf with a micro pen, and drew in the veins. I then used the white paint, tinted a little with blue-grey over the top of the pen, for a fair approximation of the fuzzy white autumn leaf.