Weekly Photography Challenge: Wish

Share a wish…I could have found more iterations of this wish for peace love and empathy, but three seems like enough for now. The yellow background piece is a page from an artist scrapbook I made some years ago – lots of bits of junk and scraps of paper went into it, and it was great fun to make. You can see it here.

The rocks I collected over a period of time – “freedom” and “rock’n’roll” are in there too, and I wish I had more of both.

The last image was done digitally, using an art programme the kids had. It was fun, but frustrating trying to draw with the mouse. Much more sophisticated versions are available now, and that programme is well and truly out of date now, but I’m glad I thought to print this one off to keep.

I’ve found a rock with “Love” carved into it since taking the first photo, so that’s at least one wish fulfilled. I also wish someone would come and do my dusting…IMG_1227edit

Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 9

Another week flown by, a few more pages to share…as26

I’m not sure what the unifying theme on this page is – maybe ‘freedom’, as written in purple pencil. I have a habit of buying individual coloured pencils, not just rainbow ones. There are so many different kinds, some chalky, some waxy, all tempting. Although I buy different types, I find I’ve got lots of the same three or four colours. Also on the page, a pic of me 27 (!) years ago – the missing half of the photo is of my Dad with tiny baby Zoe, which went in a frame – and a feminist poster from a booklet plus the receipt for my first Big Day Out ticket.as27

On the reverse of that page, this one has a little more cohesion. There’s a quote about love highlighted in the review of William Burroughs ‘Last Words’: –

“Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is. LOVE.”

and another quote about love from St Bernard of Clairvaux –

“Love seeks no cause beyond itself. It is it’s own fruit, it’s own enjoyment. I love because I love: I love in order that I may love.”

The ziplock bag, stapled in as a lift-up flap, contains 3 tiny pieces of gemstone from Philip Island stuck on a card, a souvenir of a family holiday. There’s a magazine clipping of Kurt Cobain under the flap – he met William Burroughs and also made a collaborative recording with him. The printed tape – packaging off something – is ‘just’ decoration, yet the words “protective wrap” chime in with the quotes, I think.as28

This rather battered looking half-page came from a bedside notebook, and has a poem written on it, not very legibly, since it was written in the dark.

2 am
The waxing moon
Fat and yellow as cheese
Hangs above the western rim
Of the world
Baleful behind the peach tree
It reflects light paringly
into the night.

as29These stickers were on a particular brand of juice bottle for a while – tiny poems on tiny stickers. I couldn’t bear to throw them away, so there a few scattered through the scrapbook. There’s one in the first pic on this post which refers to the brand, but most of them were rather abstract and arty, although they might all mention trees.

Creativity: Artists Scrapbook 8

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”


Well, I love green, Nirvana, flowers, seahorses, poetry…also pink, and Jesus images, amongst other things. And string. Mustn’t forget string…as23as24

Tucked inside a receipt for Nevermind is a paragraph about the poet Robert Graves, and his ideas on poetry, poets and creativity. The poet, he says, is not responsible for the poem – the poem itself comes from another place. The poet is taking dictation from the goddess as muse, and the poet’s job is to become a clear channel for the poetry to come through. So, says Graves, poets must not take responsibility for their work, since it comes from the goddess herself. I wonder if he would say the same for all forms of creative endeavour?

The child in the old photo is me- aged about two, I think, and running as wild and free as a small child should.as25On the reverse of that page, I stuck a timetable from the Big Day Out in Melbourne. I’m not sure of the year, but Coldplay played at 2.30 in the afternoon, so it’s been quite a while…I made a pocket with a photo of a rose (Fragrant Cloud, originally released as Duftwolke) printed on vellum, and tucked a photocopied photo inside. There are tiny images of 3 “Kurt shirts” cut out of the back pages of a music mag glued on the top right hand corner of the timetable – like a postage stamp.

More next week!

Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 7

This on the back of the last page from last week, a sheet of plain old Kraft paper, but embellished with a piece of beautiful orange hand made paper, and one of my photos – which is actually upside down, now I look at it again! Oh well, perfection is dull and rules are for bending, especially in an artist journal of any kind. A quote from the Dalai Lama makes a commentary on the Kurt Cobain clippings, and I encircled them with words to live by – Peace, Love, Empathy, Justice, Compassion, Kindness, Respect, Warmhearted, Affectionate – written using a wonderful pencil which has all the colours of the rainbow in one lead. There are other colour combinations available. if you don’t have one, seek one (or more) out -very rewarding to draw with, too!as19

The next page is a postcard advertising an art exhibition, to which I have added an image from a magazine and an inspiring quote (from a book catalogue, I think). You never know where you will find some piece that will be just what you wanted – if you see something like this that you know you’ll use, cut (or tear) it out and add it to your stash immediately. Otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time trying to find it again…as extraI liked the text on the back of the postcard, but stapled an old family photo over the rest, adding a few fairy stamps, just because. Stamps of all sorts are an excellent tool in the artists stash, although they can be quite expensive. I’ve bought some fancy ones at fancy prices, but it’s worth haunting the ‘craft’ aisle in “cheap shops” (you know the kind I mean) as they sometimes stock  useful things like sheets of clear stamps – flowers and bugs never go astray – and the clear acrylic blocks to attach them to. Cheaply!as20

And always remember, when making your personal artist scrapbook out of your stash of bits and pieces, using anything and everything from your stash of art supplies…as21


Except “have fun with it”.