Weekly Photography Challenge: Collage

I thought I might make a new collage to photograph for this weeks challenge, but yet again, the week has run away from me (or with me?). Anyway, I made this little book some years ago, and it’s full of collaged elements. I cut words and definitions out of an old dictionary to illuminate the quotes I used in it.

Click on the images for detail.

Making collage out of a collection of miscellaneous scraps can be great fun, and I’m often amazed at how meaningful random juxtapositions can be. I think it’s about time I assembled a hodgepodge pile of bits and pieces and made another little book!

Creativity: Stamping Around the PNW I

Four years ago on this date, we were in Portland, Oregon, on The Trip of a Lifetime. We spent a whole month in the Pacific North West, which is nowhere long enough…

Of course, I took along some art supplies – not too much, because you can only have so much luggage. And because I would be lugging it myself between cities. I prepared a little cloth wallet with some basic jewelry making pieces, plus some cheap erasers and a set of Japanese wood carving tools to make stamps. I also took some blank calling cards – nice white card, quite small sheets. Very light! I also had some double sided tape, tiny scissors and a pencil or two. I forgot to pack any stamp ink, however! IMG_5571 (Large)

My aim was to do (at least) two stamps for each place we stayed, looking for memorable but simple images to carve on my erasers. First stop was Seattle (not counting a few hours at LAX). On our first full day we took a ferry ride to Bainbridge island. I didn’t do any stamps, but I used the business card of the lovely bead shop as the front cover of the book. It has a simple accordion-fold spine, to which the cards are attached with double-sided tape.

IMG_5562 (Large)

Inside, the first page shows the famous Space Needle (of course). On the back of each card, I wrote an extract from my travel diary – a sentence or two relating to the image.

We did a lot of other things in Seattle, of course (Sculpture Park, Pike Place, the Aquarium…) but the highlight for me was the Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses exhibition at EMP. The image I chose was of a broken guitar, not only played (and smashed) by Kurt Cobain, but repainted several times, in keeping with the punk DIY ideal.


Next week – Portland Oregon. I hope I’ve found the missing stamps by then…In the process of looking for them, I found the wrapper of the delicious Theo dark chocolate bar I bought at EMP. I made it last so well that there is still – shhh_ one square left…and only 3 years out of date!IMG_5572 (Large)


Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 1

as2I got to work and photographed every page of “Sukie’s Life’s Journey”, and I’ve edited 50 of them in preparation for a regular post, sharing my way through the whole book, week by week. The image above is of the inside of the front cover, a piece of corrugated card. The ski lodge is there because I had a very vivid dream, 18 years ago now, in which I was invited to go on a journey – to Mount Hotham. There’s a quote from Arundhati Roy pasted in, and one of my old business cards.


There’s a mini page, one of my photos, with a quote written on the back, and a little pic of my favourite subject stuck on as well. Any bit of paper will do, and glue is your best friend. It’s also a place where you can make use of rubber stamps, and any and all of your art supplies. I don’t think I ever worked on just one page, and then it was done. It was more a matter of – I have 20 minutes, here’s a stamp/some pencils/a pile of horoscopes saved out of the paper/whatever, and then popping them in wherever they seemed to fit.


A photo of my youngest in dress ups – I used it for my 40th birthday invite (that’s, gulp, 18 years ago!), a drawing he made me of a turtle, pics of me and a piece of feminist art, torn from a booklet/brochure, I used a lot of images from it throughout the book , and repeated parts of the text as well.

Although pieces are added randomly, at least to start, a theme often develops, and then I will go along with that.