Weekly photography Challenge: Chaos

I’m in the process of moving 15 years accumulation of art supplies from the sunroom studio out to the shed studio, inspired by an increasingly mobile and curious grandchild to remove all those interesting and possibly hazardous things from her sight and reach. This process has produced plenty of chaos for this weeks photography challenge!

I found the Martha Beck quote scrawled on an index card, appropriately, amidst the chaos of the old order.

Meanwhile, in the garden, a much more pleasant version of chaos. I read a quote somewhere from a children’s book writer who said that a good story needs a balance of “chaos and control”, and I firmly believe the same rule applies to gardens!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Letters

This weeks challenge theme is “letters”, and I have lots of those! letters

As an artist with a love of text, and a writer with a love of art supplies, I naturally have a weakness for sets of alphabet stamps, and if they are cheap and cheerful ones for kids, like these colourful foam ones- I don’t mind at all.

letters 3

The “type -type alphabet in the box came from an art supply store in Portland, Oregon. I was very, very restrained in there – nothing like having to put everything in a suitcase and carry it for making one think twice about purchases! The other two are “cheap shop” bargains, and every bit as useful as the dearer sort!

letters 4 letters 5


The tissue paper under the box is from a burrito – I kept it because I really liked the way the text is laid out, and it had to be useful for something – like this post, for instance!

letters 2

I also have a little drawer, in which are stored appealing sentences from some of the old books I’ve altered. I keep them with vague intentions of one day using them to create the text of a hand-made book. There’s always something on the back-burner, waiting for its moment to arrive!