Twenty Years Have Passed…

O Lordy, how could I have forgotten!?distortion

It’s now twenty years since a concert in New York that was to become the Record That Changed My Life. A lot of water has passed under the bridge (Hah!), pretty sure ‘grunge’ has gone in and out of fashion at least twice in that time – while some people have kept on wearing jeans, band t-shirts and flannel shirts, accessorised with Chucks  at all times. Pearl Jam have matured, like a good wine on it’s lees, and Foo Fighters just keep going, the Meatpuppets are still obscure and a marvel. Any way, here’s that concert on YouTube, twenty years after the fact . Oh well, whatever – just enjoy it!

22 Years Ago Today


Here in ‘the land down under’ it’s the evening of April 17. My Dad’s 82nd birthday, thanks to quite a lot of medical intervention over the past three weeks. Today he is tired, but on the mend, and back home with Mum and his beloved cats.

In the far away Pacific North West, its around 2.30am  0f April 17 .  Twenty-two years ago on this day, Nirvana played a show at the OK Hotel in Seattle. I think it was for petrol/gas money for the trip to California to record their second album.
And it was the first time that Smells Like Teen Spirit was played in public.
The crowd seemed to like it.
Hope you do too!