Weekly Photography Challenge: Solitude

Oh, if only…the photography challenge is to portray solitude, but my biggest challenge is finding some…A wander with the camera in hand is a small refreshing taste of solitude for me, and I found these solitary ladies hanging about in my veggie patch. Apologies to any arachnophobes…

We have a number of agave plants ( my eldest planted a cacti garden before leaving home…). They have flowered a number of times, although not every year. There is just one this time, and it’s a giant. The flowers are just beginning to open, and the local Wattlebird Gang is moving in to lay claim to all of its bounty. They probably use at least half the calories they consume from the nectar on chasing away other birds…img_1119-large

Weekly Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

Phoneography, whats that? Sound-drawing??

Once I read the post, I understood – Oh! Phone pictures! I’m generally pretty quick on the uptake, you see…Agave forest

So I picked up my phone (which has minimal reception in my neighbourhood) and took it for a walk.

Those agaves are in my garden.house of gnomes

Sandra-over-the-road breeds gnomes – not that you can see many in this pic. I felt a bit awkward standing in my yard taking pictures of hers.our road

My neighbourhood is rural.skyline

But I claim to live on the edge of the CBD.sheds

There are probably more sheds – charmingly rustic, full of spiders – than there are actual houses.School dam

There’s a dam where school children once watered their horses.bush

The horses grazed in this block  while the children worked away on their slates in the school next door.avenue

Our Avenue of Honour ( the pines in the rear), planted to honour soldiers, is one of the few still standing.sunset

There’s one store. It will reopen in a couple of months, after being empty for two years.  The CBD will be back in business.Wills

We have one claim to fame in my neighbourhood, but as a non-sport person, I don’t want to talk about it.roses

The roses are nice, though…rose's frog.

My friend Rose is also keen on garden ornaments.truck graveyard

Whereas some locals like to keep all their old trucks and tractors.  Forever.

So that’s a tour of my neighbourhood , courtesy of my camera-phone.