Weekly Photography Challenge: Smile!

Smiling for the camera is such a cliche – but catching a genuine smile on film (or in pixels) is lovely. I like to take unposed photos of my grandkids (and my kids, back in the day), with them going about their business. The “look at the camera and say cheese” variety have their place, but I like more natural portraits – and if I capture a smile – bonus! We are going to visit Juniper and Banjo next week – we haven’t seen them in person for months, so whatever next week’s challenge theme is, I may have to work them into it!

Portraying a convincing smile in a painting is harder than catching a smile in a photo, which is why this acrylic has pride of place on my wall. Kurt smile

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Smile!

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  2. Hi, What is it about spectacles which young children find so fascinating? Whether they are whipping them off their grandparents or ‘wearing’ them themselves?
    I hope your time in Canberra with Juniper and Banjo (and their parents) is a time of joy.


    • Juniper is fascinated by the distortion they cause (there’s a hole!). Matilda has wrecked multiple pairs of sunglasses – the pair in the photo were from the Salvos, and were rendered armless not long after…Banjo has started taking a few steps, so that will be fun!


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