Weekly Photography Challenge: Rounded

I do like a good grid, or a good angle, but there’s something innately pleasing about rounded shapes, especially in flowers. It’s spring “down under”, so there are plenty of flowers around my garden just now. The poppies and ranunculus are rounds of many colours, but the spring onion’s flower is (almost) a perfectly rounded globe. It’s quite big, too! There are some spectacular alliums grown for flowers rather than their tasty bulbs, and this flower head is making me think I should grow some of them.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Rounded

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  3. Hi, I love the poppies. The poppies in my garden in Castlemaine are multiplying each season. When I first arrived, there were just a few plants. I waved the dried seed heads over other parts of the garden and they were off! I have simple red ones and ones with big frilly pompom heads. A friend gave me seedlings of a bright red one with black splodges on the petals – I hope they will spread around the garden also.


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