Weekly Photography Challenge: Collage

I thought I might make a new collage to photograph for this weeks challenge, but yet again, the week has run away from me (or with me?). Anyway, I made this little book some years ago, and it’s full of collaged elements. I cut words and definitions out of an old dictionary to illuminate the quotes I used in it.

Click on the images for detail.

Making collage out of a collection of miscellaneous scraps can be great fun, and I’m often amazed at how meaningful random juxtapositions can be. I think it’s about time I assembled a hodgepodge pile of bits and pieces and made another little book!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Collage

  1. Hi, I like your use of stamps and printing and Leunig is always good to include. I’ve signed up for the weekend Monoprinting with Collage course held in Halls Gap on the 9th and 10th of September. Perhaps that experience will inspire me to create a book also. I like art books because they can be held in the hand and are so tactile.

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