Weekly Photography Challenge: Wanderlust

If someone would hurry up and invent a reliable, working Tardis, I would feel much more inclined to travel, because there would be no packing, or tickets and hotels to book, just the fun parts…so long as there were no Daleks, Cybermen et al, of course. Meantime, my wanderlust is largely about family excursions, and trips to visit family. It’s now 5 1/2 years since we took off to the Pacific North West for a whole month of packing, tickets and hotels, ticking a few things off a list that keeps growing.

Our internet at home was off for a month or more before the trip, which made research difficult or impossible, so we missed out on some things and didn’t get quite enough of others – which is why we “need” to wander back across the Pacific and have another go. The weirdest thing for me was that the midday sun was on the wrong side. I didn’t see the northern stars at all, so that’s another thing that wants fixing….

We missed going to SAM ( the only day we had free it was closed), didn’t get to walk in the Hoh Rainforest, or see sea stacks, left Aberdeen one day before the B52’s were to play at the D&R Theatre (too late for that one…), our visit to Mt St Helens was way too brief, but awesome anyway. There are wildlife places we could have visited, if only we’d known, so clearly we do “need” to go back and have another (better informed) wander in Washington State

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Wanderlust

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