Weekly Photography Challenge: Earth

Our Earth is a water planet, luckily for us, because that means we have beaches and rolling surf, all around the surface of the earth.

We had a day out this week with little Matilda, her mum and dad and uncle Alex. These pics all taken on Griffith Island, Port Fairy. The island is a reserve for the Mutton birds that breed there. You can possibly guess from the common name what happened to these birds when colonists “discovered” them. Luckily they didn’t go the way of the Passenger Pigeon, but they still need protection – mainly from foxes and cats these days.

Matilda loved the feeling of sand under her toes, but she wasn’t nearly as keen on the water that kept running after her. I spotted the little cairn that someone had built on a rock near the lighthouse. I’ve no idea how long it has been there, but loved the little human touch on the wild and wet coast.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Earth

  1. You capture the vision of a beautiful day at the beach. Thanks for making my evening. We at Gastradamus Would love your feedback on a few of our short stories. Our heavy hitters are Eatin an Eskimo, A few good Fries and Lardy Arms. If you comment with honest feedback, than we will be more than happy to promote your glorious blog. Hope to see you there.


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  4. Hi, Yes, Griffith Island has some lovely beaches. I couldn’t resist paddling in the shallow, warm waters on a sunny day when I was holidaying in Port Fairy a couple of years ago.
    I hope young Matilda comes to appreciate the pleasures of paddling in a while.

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