Weekly Photography Challenge: Dense

This week we get into the thick of things with the challenge “Dense”. I looked through recent photos to find these – the cacti and cubby are in our garden, the rock and lichen from my stay in Hall’s Gap last week. I need to overcome some of the dense growth around the cubby, because our grand daughters are getting old enough to want to play there, and we don’t want to lose them in a mini jungle!

And here is Morgen, demonstrating another meaning of “dense”….that box is really tooooo small to sit in!cat-in-a-box

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Dense

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  2. Hi, Morgen was clearly up for the challenge.
    The cubby house under the pepper corn tree looks very enticing with its blue door. Will you need to evict spiders or other creepy crawlies before your grand children get to play in it?

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    • When my Dad built the cubby, it was next to the tree, rather than under it. Yes I do need to inspect it for spiders etc before any kids use it. Kitchen toys and such are packed in sealed tubs to avoid unwanted residents, but I can’t keep them out of everything!


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