Weekly Photography Challenge: Solitude

Oh, if only…the photography challenge is to portray solitude, but my biggest challenge is finding some…A wander with the camera in hand is a small refreshing taste of solitude for me, and I found these solitary ladies hanging about in my veggie patch. Apologies to any arachnophobes…

We have a number of agave plants ( my eldest planted a cacti garden before leaving home…). They have flowered a number of times, although not every year. There is just one this time, and it’s a giant. The flowers are just beginning to open, and the local Wattlebird Gang is moving in to lay claim to all of its bounty. They probably use at least half the calories they consume from the nectar on chasing away other birds…img_1119-large

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Solitude

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  2. Hi, great photos of the spiders. The little, round, spiky spiders are intriguing.
    The flowering structure of the agave is very impressive. One of these was used in the local Visitors Information Centre as a Christmas tree after the flowers had died. The stem and branches were spray painted silver and hung with baubles – very unusual but eye catching.

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    • The Jewel spiders form colonies sometimes – you might see them when bushwalking in Central Victoria. We’ve had several agave stem Christmas trees – they are perfect for decorating! The current one is much too big for our house though. :V


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