Creativity:Making Scarves

Sometimes there’s a very long lead time before I can decide how to use a piece of fabric. Some years ago, I learned how to use shibori techniques with natural dyes, producing several delightful animalskin-like pieces of vintage blanket. I would pull them out every now and then to admire – but had no idea how to use them.

Then I found a sewing book at the Salvos in which there was a fairly short woven fabric scarf, which was fastened with buttons – and a light came on in my creative brain. My fairly short woven fabric scarves with button fastening look nothing like the one in that book, but it provided me with an idea that led to these Neck Huggers.

They are lined with taffeta or silk, to keep any woolly scratchiness away from the wearers neck, and feature really lovely old buttons to keep them in place. I had some pieces of tweedy fabric, also “too small”, which happen to have similar proportions. These are now Neck Huggers, too.

So, if you have some pieces you love, but don’t know what to do with, hang on to them! Because you will almost certainly find the right inspiration somewhere sometime, and put them to good use in the end.


3 thoughts on “Creativity:Making Scarves

  1. Ooh, now that’s an idea. I’d do it differently, but I haven’t even considered making woven ones. And I have some awesome old buttons that would be perfect! Thank you for igniting that spark!


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