Weekly Photography Challenge: Numbers

When I saw that this weeks Photography Challenge theme is “Numbers”, I really thought I’d be stuck. Numbers? Have I ever taken a photo of numbers? Maybe, but I can’t think of one…

Then some helpful horsey person tied up all these numbers on a fence and power pole just down the road from my house -add the school go-slower sign, and I have numerous numbers to share!

The downside is that these numbers mean there’s an endurance ride soon, entailing cloppity horses clopping past our house in the dead of night as they set of to endure the cold and dark back roads of our district. After the event is over, there will be enough of  manure deposited around our oval to fertilise a very big number of  rose bushes…and the equestrians clean it all up. Impressive!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Numbers

    • I vaguely remember some poem from primary school about – a highwayman, I think. I guess it was in one of the wonderful School Readers that were so rich in literary inspiration back in the 60’s. I don’t usually hear the horsemen (or women) riding by, but my husband does, and he doesn’t like it! haha


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