Weekly Photography Challenge: Spare

My first thought from the prompt “Spare” was sparseness, but I couldn’t think of any subject that would convey that and be interesting. I don’t have a desert nearby…so I’m going with spare in the sense of extra, additional, excess even. A few years ago, a determined gang of needle-crafters yarn-bombed trees and railings outside the Ararat Regional Art Gallery,in time for the 45th anniversary of the institution.

Anyone who knits and/or crochets (and even people who just think about doing it!) end up with a stash of spare yarn. Some of it is leftover from finished projects and some is odd balls that we buy because…well, there’s bound to be some reason. A yarn-bombing project, fortunately for our cupboards, requires lots of yarn in no particular colour, ply or texture. Nor does it matter if it’s wool, nylon, cotton or whatever else. It just has to be yarn….

Here are six pics of the lead-up and yarnbombing at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery, plus two spare ones of a yarnbombing at King’s park in Perth, September 2013, ( I think.)

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Spare

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  2. Whilst I enjoy viewing objects which have been bombed, I don’t know if I could bear to create something out of yarn which is going to be exposed to the elements.
    PS: I love the bombed rock.


    • I’ve kept most of the bits after taking it down. Some were recycled into a fresh yarnbomb, some are waiting to be upcycled someday into a quilt of sorts. The rock was pretty amazing -quite large, and many of the pieces had wildflowers or creatures worked on them. I had nothing to do with it, I should add!


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