Creativity: More Progress

It’s my last Home Alone day for a while, and I want to make the most of it, so I haven’t swept the floors, but I have been working on the trompe l’oeil “window”. The hardest part has been trying to put convincing leaves onto the branches of the little tree in which the hummingbird perches. I’ve pulled out a few gardening books as reference for the flowers – the idea that “here’s a clump of daisies” and “these are poppies” makes the task of painting them a lot simpler than “flower”.

I spent an hour or so on the flagged pathway one day…

There are more flowers now, too.

One of my reference photos had a birdbath, so I added one behind my fabulous glass orb. I’m fairly sure a real one would start a fire, but an imaginary one is quite safe! I’ve been looking at lots of images of hummingbirds on Instagram, but the little Rufous in my painting is from a photo I took in Portland (Oregon) Zoo. I’m not entirely satisfied with my mopsy heads of Monarda (also at the Portland Zoo – they were the attraction for the bird), but I’ll leave them for now. I will either come back to them all fresh and enthused, or find that they are actually fine (I think the fairies fix paintings sometimes – it’s the only explanation for it!)

In the last image, if you look beyond the wolf cub, back near the line of trees, there’s a Sasquatch! Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of one – maybe next time!