Weekly Photography Challenge:Abstract

This weeks photography challenge is “Abstract”, making interesting images by moving in so close as to remove the context – or perhaps by unfocusing. My dad bought me a tripod several years ago, indicating that he felt I needed it. It’s handy at times, but all those out-of-focus close-ups I was taking were deliberate, not duds, Dad!

These I took a few days ago, on a very slow walk to a playground with Juniper, her mum and dad and Morris (the pup). The last two I took with my old phone (zoomed, so very low pixels). I’d gone for an late¬†walk to the shops, and the slanting evening light was too lovely to ignore, and the phone was in my bag. The photo of leaves on the green grass I took because I thought it would make an excellent (ie frustrating) jigsaw puzzle!editleafpile

Not so abstract, but someone had thoughtfully raked up a large pile of autumn leaves,right next to the playground¬†that was our ultimate destination. It was even more fun than the slide and swings. I’ve only got another day or so in Canberra, then it will be time to drive home to Victoria, and my other grand daughter – shame they live so far apart!