Creativity: Party Prop II

IMG_7270 (Large)

I’ve been working some more on my photo background “party prop”. I’ve added extra width with a spare panel from a folding screen. I bought a couple of chunky markers, and have been adding bits as I think of it. It’s under the clothes line, so I’m often “just passing”! and getting sidetracked…IMG_7274 (Large)

I had to add this old Nirvana poster (a copy, I hasten to add) because it was on my birthday 25 years ago.

Hunting for a different stencil (which I didn’t find) I came across this one I did of a very dapper William Burroughs.

Here’s a gallery showing the evolving layers. I drew a line (wire) for the Typo bird stencil. Bird on the Wire is a favourite Leonard Cohen song of mine. There’s an  Emma Magenta rub-on decal, more typo stencils, a print of a graffiti stencil from Aberdeen Washington. I’ve also sloshed on some old, thick paint, mainly on the top edge, for some artful drips. I’m finding it a bit challenging to cover up my earlier efforts, even though that’s the whole idea…but I’m getting there!

This is a project that could go on for a very long time, but the party is now just over a month off, so that gives me an end date!



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