Friday Poem: Quiet

Usually I have a poem in mind, and then look for photos that I think illuminate or complement it. This week I’ve gone the other way around, with these photos I took on a friend’s property earlier in the week. Around 25 minutes walk along a bush track, there is a clearing scattered with the rusting remains of old farm machinery (Yes!) alongside orderly rows of eucalypt plantation. One of the trees has a random and apparently meaningless ladder leaning on it, for a touch of the surreal…It was wonderfully quiet and peaceful out there – no creatures to be seen, apart from kangaroos, wallabies and birds…Oh, and the local Landcare group, whose excursion we were so hopelessly late for. I didn’t mind, because I had my camera.

Looking for a quiet place,
A quiet place for my soul;
Somewhere to hide away
And contemplate my life.

Looking for a quiet place,
Away from background noise;
A place to think in peace,
A quiet, quiet place.IMG_7261 (Large)

Back at the house, this is Bill and Annette’s view…not too bad! And quiet…

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