Creativity:Designing a Sign

We are working on making an old shed into a fun semi-outdoor living space. It was once pirate themed, but the new aqua paint has sent it more towards mermaids. I’ve settled on Seahorse Saloon as the name for this establishment – obviously it needs a suitable sign.

I’m away from home for a week, unable to work on the actual space, so I have been researching merpeople and seahorse images on Pinterest, looking for inspiration for my sign. I have a board in mind to paint it on, so that set the proportions. I’m thinking of the style of sign on traditional British Pubs, but cuter.

This is it, so far – a mermaid holding up a bubble, which will be an “O”, and chatting with a seahorse. The “S”s in the sign will be seahorses – I’m still thinking about the rest, maybe seaweedy…It seems like I’m going to do a separate painting of my grand daughter Juniper as a sweet little Mabel Lucie Atwell style mermaid, which will be fun. I might have to put baby Matilda in there, too!

We went op shopping/thrifting on the weekend, as you do. I was on the lookout for anything that would enhance the seahorse/mermaid theme. No mermaids or seahorses, but some over the top shiny gold hooks will be excellent as a place for pirates and cowboys to hang their hats. I imagine that pirates would bring treasure and trinkets from all around the world, so I feel free to be as “eclectic”as I like in the decor.:)

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