Weekly Photography Challenge: Weight(less)

Challenge of the week for photo bloggers is “weight(less)”, – show us the effects of gravity, he says, or perhaps something that lifts your spirits. I have aimed for both in these recent photos.

In the first, a vast flock of Corellas is flying into the trees behind our house. I tried to get photos of them feeding on the ground, but as soon as one spotted me and my camera, they were off! The orange henryii lily leans over and dangles his(?) flowers very stylishly over my romantic pair of turtles. The tee-pee like structure is my yarnbombed sculpture, “Resurgence”, made with help from students of the local Primary School. Gravity ensures that the hundreds of knitted and crocheted leaves on it hang and flutter. Both the white lily and a the orange poppy appear to be weightless, but their petals soon fall to the ground irregardless.


We are experiencing the driest summer on record for our area, so anything green and growing in the garden near the house is a lift for our spirits. Fortunately, we are able to keep pots and some garden watered, and today it even rained a little bit…