Weekly Photography Challenge: Eye Spy

Is it just me, or has someone pressed a cosmic fast-forward button? (I know it isn’t just me – it’s this holiday time of year…and I’d like to stop it and get off. If that was an option.) Suddenly it’s Wednesday, and I’m only just getting to the weekly challenge – Eye Spy.

The cat refused to co-operate (no surprises there…), so I found this little fellow instead. He followed me home from an op shop/thrift store, so I have no idea who he is…

He’s getting into the spirit of the season, though, under my non-traditional Christmas tree. On the wall, a photo from our trip to the PNW includes the sign on our motel “See you nexttime”, and in the next room, my plaster saint oversees a flock of flying pigs, which are a symbol of infinite possibilities. And, in this case, eye-poppingly shiny!IMG_6753 (Large)

For the record, here is Morgen, not looking at the camera. Because she’s a cat, and being obliging is not her thing, thanks very much…and by the way, where’s dinner?

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