Friday Poem: Insomnia

Everyone suffers from insomnia every now and then, just like everybody hurts. I find moonlit nights especially challenging, since darkness is the best condition for sleeping. I wrote this just before bed, having slept badly the previous night – and then I turned out the light and went straight to sleep, moon or no moon…nocturne (Large)

The moon in my eyes
and no sleep
makes a night long
I can’t keep
doing that every night.

Lucky the moon fades
and weary bones
melt into sleep sweet sleep
sometime before dawn.

nocturne2 (Large)

I also had a play with my camera, messing about with settings to see what happens, and sometimes having an accidental extreme effect, having forgotten about taking pictures in the dark earlier. I liked the bleached out roses enough to keep the photo – but I made the necessary adjustment and took a ‘proper’ one as well!  The rose is a florabunda called “Hot Cocoa”.