Creativity: In The Garden

I’ve had a few days at home alone (hurrah!), which means I’ve been getting various jobs done, including some creative ones in the garden. Washing the floor doesn’t count,but it was about time….

I fixed up the wallaby proof fence using Alex’s old bed base (blue), which is a lot neater looking than the piece of wire that was there. It makes for a nicer back drop for Plum Tree Cafe, under the shady tree. I’ve re-purposed an old stepladder (unsafe as a ladder) as shelving and hanger for plants. The toadstool farmer lives on the bottom shelf, and he’s collected a fallen leaf in his wheel barrow. Must be to feed his toadstools…

A while ago, I built a box from pieces of old shelving  (themselves made from salvaged boards), and it makes for a handy place to keep all the little plants that are waiting to be put out into the garden. Last week, I bought a pair of hanging wire half-baskets, which had no liners. Where do I get half liners from? I’ve no idea.

I had a couple of old bamboo fibre singlets I was discarding, so I made my own. I simply cut off the bottom of the singlets – about 30cm/1ft – and sewed the raw edges straight across to make a basic bag, folded the edges over the top of the basket, lined the base with some plastic from a shopping bag (with a couple of holes for drainage), then filled the basket up with potting mix and popped in some seedlings. And hung it up in a spot the gets morning sun  and where I should remember to water. Clever me!

I made that wire wreath a few years ago, from rusty old fencing wire that was lying about in our paddock. I’ve added various bits of decoration from time to time for variety. Red beads catch the light and look Christmassy.

I wonder if there’s any more old wire down there…