Weekly Photography Challenge: Ornate

A challenge indeed for this week, since ornamented things are not my favourite to photograph. But the Weekly Photography challenge is to show something Ornate, so I have been thinking and thinking, and finally remembered the photos I took at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne when my daughter Lucie took part in an ornate graduation ceremony there.


The building is huge, completed in 1880, when minimalism was a concept no one had thought of yet, and too much decoration was never enough…The paintings of nearly -naked angels(?) gods(?) are a sight to behold! On the day I took the photos, hundreds of Melbourne Uni Grads and their families were seated downstairs for the ceremony, after which we all retired upstairs, where a feast of finger food had been laid on, and Lucie caught up with a young friend for a chat, and to admire the vast space below.

DSCF4904 (Large)

The words “Carpe Diem”painted high on the wall seemed particularly appropriate for the occasion!


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