Weekly Photography Challenge: Treat

The theme of “Treat” for the Weekly Photography Challenge in Halloween week is no surprise, considering the traditional catch-cry of “Trick or treat”.  Celebrating Halloween is a fairly recent notion in Australia –  I’d barely heard of it as a child. I think the Great Pumpkin in the Peanuts cartoon was my main association for it.

Things have changed, and now shops are enthusiastically stocking decorations and costumes, even special pumpkins, although it is spring here and not the right season for any of it!

Children in out little town can join in the fun of dress-ups (and candy) as a special treat, because a couple of enthusiastic young mums hire and decorate the local Hall for a family Halloween Party. It’s only 2 hours, and in broad daylight, but with spookiness laid on along with tasty treat foods, and more witches than you can poke a stick at…

Bryan and I didn’t have any little kids as an excuse, but we went along anyway, and I had fun trying to get some good photos of the event. It wasn’t particularly dark, but I went for longer exposure times to try to capture ghostly presences as the kids darted about on the dance floor. It was a treat for everyone who went, with a bag of candy at the end for the younglings.