Weekly Photography Challenge: Careful!

Careful is the theme of the week for the Weekly Photography Challenge, and a word often on the lips of anyone who spends time with toddlers. Mostly it’s the child’s health and safety we worry about (or the cat’s…), but when my two year old grand daughter got her hands (at last!) on Granny’s glasses, it was my favourite specs I wanted her to be “Careful!!!” with.

So long as I am wearing them,she won’t touch them (except to push them back up my nose where they ‘should’ be – ouch), but one evening after her bath, she found them lying all alone on the dining table…of course, she had to put them on, and of course, she looked delightful…

BUT, being a two year old, she also took them off, folded and unfolded -Careful!! – the arms, until Granny could stand it no longer, and persuaded her to hand them over. I made sure I didn’t put them down again,but also bought her a packet of clear, coloured play glasses, which were even better than mine. The arms kept coming off, but I just kept putting them back on. Carefully.