Creativity: Playing With (Virtual) Paint.

I have a pretty white tissue paper (Christmas) decoration hanging in my study window, and today I took a quick photo of it. IMG_6307 (Large)It seemed like a good idea to edit it in paint.NET to make it coloured Рwhat if? And how?

pink (Large)

Adjusting hue and saturation produced pale pink. Nice – so I saved it, and went back to “hue and saturation”, without changing the settings from the first shot. I did that another six times – saving the new colour combo, and making another at the click of a button. I only wish I’d numbered them so I’d know what order they came in.

That was not what I would have expected to happen,¬†they got brighter/more intense as they went along, and the shadows seem to be the “contrast” colour for the main one. Interesting! It’s a bit like a 60’s psychedelic music poster, and definitely something to play with some more!