Weekly Photography Challenge: Happy Place

This week the challenge is to show “where you go to get your groove back”, and I think I need to go there right now, because I’m having trouble coming up with an idea of what my Happy Place looks like. It’s more a state of mind, I think, than a physical location for me, although the garden, or my studio would be obvious choices. I’ve been away fromhome for over three weeks, so the garden needs weeding, and my studio is a muddle of things that need sorting, so…not so restful at present! Instead, I’m going with the crystals and rainbows in a sunny window of the study – the room I escape to to write blog posts, amongst other things…


And of course, there’s music, which has “charms to soothe a savage breast”* (and is the “brandy of the damned”, according to G.B. Shaw). Listening to Nirvana, fittingly, is a sure way to my Happy Place.

IMG_6298 (Large)

*William Congreve.