Friday Poem: Missing/Out of Reach

image edit (Large)This is going to be late, although it’s still Friday in some parts of the world for most of our Saturday, so…It’s been a rather quiet, stay-at-home-and-sew kind of day in Canberra, and consequently, I completely forgot that it is Friday (and poem post day) until I was going to bed.

This post is in part a response to the Daily Prompt ” “Out of Reach.”, which was timely because it’s twenty years (TWENTY!) in a few days since the ABC aired a tripleJ special – Nirvana Unplugged in New York, changing the course of history for me a bit behind the “rest of the world”, and I’ve been thinking about what I missed –

I miss you
I miss you
You are everywhere
Still I miss you
I never even knew you
That’s why I miss you
I know too much
about you
Even so, I miss you
Why are you not?
No one can answer
Everyone has an answer
Nobody cares
Only I miss you
How can I miss you?
Your image proliferates
Iterated forever
denying your absence
Papering over the gap
The gap where you were

Cobain, I miss you
there are millions
Who miss you
Cover bands in China
Fans in Japan
Love multiplied
By longing, by regret
Love multiplied
By missing you
Missing you who is missing.

We are missing your presence,
Lost from the world.

I “accidentally’signed up to Pinterest recently, and discovered the hundreds of endlessly repeated images to be found there. So here are some more…I’ve taken photos of video (live not being an option,sadly) and edited them in paint.NET. Because it’s a fun thing to do.image 2 (Large)