Weekly Photography Challenge: Connected

The challenge this time is to portray connection in some way. Bridges have been popular, and I was thinking of our brand new wireless NBN connection (not very exciting photos, though), but my grand daughter Juniper is 2 (TWO!) tomorrow, so I’m going with family connection, and trying not to post too many pictures. There are only a handful of photos of my baby years (nearly 60 years ago), but there must be hundreds of Juni, thanks to digital technology…

We are going to see Juni for her birthday in a week or two, so I don’t have recent photos of my own – but here are some that mum Zoe sent me…

Feel free to add comments of the “my how she’s grown” and “isn’t she the cutest kid ever” variety! Sometime around New Year, she will have a little cousin. Renovations to our kids old cubby are planned…

We all met up at Cactus Country for Juniper’s Uncle Simon’s 40th – one of the staff took family photos for us, so no one was missing. It’s a great place to visit – make sure and take your camera when you do!


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