Friday Poem: Moon Song

There was another “super moon” last week, accompanied by stories of the wonders to be expected from it being a Pisces Super Moon. I can’t remember quite what they were, but it was all good. This full-moon-in-Pisces also shone straight in my bedroom window, and kept me awake one night, and because of this and some synthesis with the  magical moon stories, I produced this poem of faux memories, studded with fragments of other poems and stories…faux moonlight

I miss you
sad little pisces –
Jesus, man, how we laughed
on that night of the moon.

The night that she rose
pellucid and cold over
the dark beloved pines.

Somewhere an owl…

And the sea turning silver
and the fall, gall of coals
bright in the ash of a campfire
in the pines
at the edge of the woods
at the edge of the sea.

That was the night-
you must remember?
that we sang, you and I,
and you shone so bright,
so bright in that night,
and the moonlight became you…

You were sad, not so sad,
on that night, little pisces man,
singing the bones of the world –
old, old memories-
singing the moon
and the stars in your eyes;
Singing the darkness away.

a pile of coals

It’s always a challenge to find appropriate images to illuminate a poem, but faux memories are even trickier! However, a search in the back catalogue yielded these – moonlight, hot coals, a pine…beloved pine


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