Creativity; Stamping Around the PNW IV

This weeks stamps are the ones I made during our stay in Aberdeen. We were lucky with the weather, which was mostly fine and sunny – except when we took a ride to Westport (foggy), and the day we went to Ocean Shores (it rained. A lot.) That was the only rain day in the whole month of travel (we heard “Oh, it never rains in August!” several times), but it made us glad we’d brought our raingear everywhere. We arrived in Aberdeen by bus from Olympia -$3 each for an hour or so’s trip (so cheap!). We ate that night at Canton Cafe, which has along history in Aberdeen, and an, um, interesting menu.

The house where Kurt Cobain grew up is an obvious point of interest in Aberdeen. The Aberdeen Museum of History supplies a map of Nirvana related places-to-see, many of which are private homes. The Museum is definitely worth a visit whether or not you care about Nirvana – on the day we were there, they were setting up for a wedding that evening, and not all normal exhibits were on show, but there was still plenty to see. Across the road is the Driftwood Players theatre, and I’m still kicking myself that we didn’t ask to see inside. Have to go back! Bryan is a drama teacher and actor, so we had a reason…apart from sticky beak.

There was a real estate sign on the old Cobain house, which needed a paint and generally looked the worse for wear. maybe it was cheap then, but a few years later it made the news (if only on Facebook) for it’s very large price ticket – predicated on it’s history, not it’s position or condition. I believe it has come down some since, and is still on the market…

Someone we spoke to recommended going to West Port, as there was a festival on. Travelling by bus takes you down a few detours that you wouldn’t have seen if you drove yourself. Its Greylands that I remember. From what we saw from the bus (not much, admittedly) it seemed aptly named, but it’s a popular holiday place, so our impression must be wrong! We walked some distance to a beach, on the far side of the Pacific to where we usually are. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick that the ocean was little more than a rumour , but I did pick up a couple of sand dollars (both broken).

The following day we went to Ocean Shores, again hoping to gaze on the far shore of the Pacific. It had stopped raining (temporarily) when we arrived, but the wind off the sea was so strong once we crested the sand dunes, that I took a few quick photos and retreated to a cafe. Which served taffy, icecream or …I forget what the other sweet treat was, but it wasn’t lunch, and we consulted a map before walking (in the rain) to a pizza place –where we spent most of our visit, because the rain kept up…We did visit a souvenir shop before going back to the bus stop. I particularly remember a piece of graffiti that claimed that “the weed is better in Shelton”.

Ah, memories – all triggered by a tiny booklet of carved and stamped images. There were many more things I could have added (given an adequate supply of cheap erasers), but even these few are enough to bring memories flooding back in tiny detail, and I guess that’s the whole point of making them.

The photo of the pizza reminded me that we were so hungry, we ordered an appetizer, and consequently were not hungry enough by the time our pizzas came…will we never learn?