Friday Poem: this One’s for Aberdeen

sept 2011 1188 (Large)

Four years ago on this date, we were in Aberdeen, Washington, for a few too-short days. I’ve been sharing some of my artwork from the trip in my Creativity posts, for which I had to pull out a box of mementos, leading inevitably to floods of memories of the trip.

Which led to this poem…

sept 2011 1049 (Large)

The rainy road from the bus
and the rainy green pine trees;
The logged clearings, forlorn,
and tiny sawmills, silent.
The muddy brown river
lying slack in the sunshine,
and the blue sky so big
and the turkey vulture in it.
Ragged fringes of trees
and Think Of Me Hill
on watch over Aberdeen.
Broad streets, empty lots
and a quiet desperation,
French toast at Maria’s,
“For sale” on the mansion.
The sidewalks are cracked,
There are weeds in the flowers:
but I fell in love with you
and your odd little houses,
with fondest regards,
I am missing you, Aberdeen.

sept 2011 1075 (Large)

In the process of transferring photos from one computer to another, they became very muddled, and my efforts to organise them made matters worse. So I haven’t managed to find my photo of that turkey vulture, unfortunately – a tiny speck in the big blue sky over Aberdeen.sept 2011 1067 (Large)

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