Friday Poem: Thrifty Haiku

I wrote this early this morning, knowing that my blogging time would be short today, since we are going out for dinner and Live Theatre (a local school production of “The Wiz). Time being short, I figured that a haiku would be ideal, and my expected days activity provided a subject…IMG_5577

Friday is Salvos;
Empty sort hang bag repeat.
Thank God for thrifty…IMG_5578

15 hours later ….

Despite my well-thought out plans for a quick post, my internet connection (mostly lack-of) had other plans. The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that…A couple of days ago, there was a man on my roof installing the equipment for wireless NBN (and freaking out the cat), but that isn’t working yet…But when it does – I have high hopes for faster, stronger, cheaper connectivity than our current satellite. So difficult to join the 21st century when you live in a Black hole for connectivity!


Here are some pics of the kinds of things I buy in op shops/thrift stores. Someone had thrown the pretty translucent blue frame in the bin, but I saw it and rescued it. I love vintage embroidered pillowslips, which are often in need of TLC and a good soak, but the ones in the top photo were beyond hope for their former use. I will be re-purposing them into a quilt top – just need a few more…

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