Weekly Photography Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

This week’s Photography Challenge is to “look down, and document the world beneath your feet.” Every Monday I go for a walk with an older friend – twice around the oval – and, after an extra chat, I keep on my way to the local Post Office to pick up my mail. Today I took my camera along and documented some of the things I saw on the ground.

The iron-bark trees at the oval are surrounded by twigs of their blossom snipped off by cockatoos, which are keen practitioners of “tip pruning”. We’ve had rain along with sunshine, so there are puddles as well as daffodils, and lots of bright green moss. On less disturbed ground near the creek, a few native plants, such as these Sun-dews, continue to flourish. I passed the owl I found dead two weeks ago, and the footprints of a macropod (kangaroo) down by the creek. We’ve had rain, but not enough for water to run – I didn’t need my gumboots on to cross it, unfortunately. Back home, there is a tiny, mossy stream-bed – which rises from a down-pipe at the back of the house.

Click on any image for a better look!