Friday Poem: Cornflakes

Lord of the DanceI came across this poem in an old notebook, and decided I should release it into the world…A few ideas have come together in this one, and it’s not actually “me” speaking, but I think it’s quite fun if a little impolite…nov 2011 018 (Large)

Oh how I love you
My Naga,
My Nataraja
Lord of my Dance,
My Shiva.
Sacred Lingam,
I bring for you
A bowl of warm milk;
An offering
Poured over
your cornflakes…

I will also tell you
that cornflakes
Are not food –
Unfit for consumption;
And that you
Should not be
eating them.

I will also remind you
That they were intended –
Somewhat fancifully –
To prevent erotic thoughts;
Unhelpful for a love god
Like yourself.nov 2011 021 (Large)

If you didn’t know, it is the custom in India where Lord Shiva is worshiped, to pour milk over the sacred lingam, which is a symbol of the energy and potential of the god himself. Cornflakes, on the other hand are made from twice-cooked toasted corn, created by Dr Kellogg as a source of dietary fibre, which he believed would protect young lads from wanting to please themselves, if you know what I mean…  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work!