Creativity and Weekly Photography Challenge: Inspiration

This week’s Photography Challenge theme is Inspiration, which slots in nicely with my regular Creativity post. I am inspired by a lot of different things, and people and ideas, from minor craft projects to Change the World (starting with oneself). Here’s a gallery of photos of some of the inspiration I keep around the house.

Clearly, I find inspiration in chaos – you only have to look at the state of my worktables! I do have regular fits of cleaning, sorting and organising, but it’s never very long before I have interesting and useful bits and pieces scattered about again. This habit has the advantage of producing serendipitous combinations, and also the disadvantage of me not being able to find certain things when I want them…And then the search will turn up other inspiring bits or combinations, so it’s not all bad. Often it turns up something I’ve been looking for for ages, but that’s another story…

You can see several of my collections amongst these photos, and all of them inspire me. Buttons (I’m only showing you a tiny sample), vintage orange plastic, Indian cookbooks,Indian copper dishes, vintage hankies, one of my lamps, books of poetry, art supplies and tools…

Then there’s Kurt Cobain, pictures of. I first bought the doll head poster nearly 20 years ago, which seems unbelievable. Where have all those years gone? There are mementos, too, of our big trip to the Pacific North West, and Tibetan artifacts, references to tea, and foo Fighters, and…


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