Weekly Photography Challenge: Macro

This week in the Photography Challenge, it’s time to get up-close and personal in macro , with “Close Up” the theme. i have enjoyed macro photography ever since my late father-in-law gave me an old SLR camera and a set of macro lenses more than thirty years ago. The old film cameras (I’ve had several…) all wore out, and those vintage lenses don’t fit on my modern cameras, but they do have a macro function (a factor in choosing a digital in the first place). I can’t always get as close as I’d like, but I get by, and I have fun trying…

First I got as close as I  could with a popular subject – food and coffee! I quickly discovered a snag with taking a close-up of freshly brewed coffee – the lens fogs up! I’m having a love affair with lime marmalade at the moment, so that’s what’s on the toast. I bought the stack of china plates at the op shop/thrift store where I volunteer. Sadly, there were no cups to match any of them. Maybe next week…

And here is some nature up-close – probably the favourite (and vast) subject for macro. First, frost on the buds and leaves of a shrub, and two shots of a beautiful case-moth I found this morning – it looks quite like a Chinese lantern made from brown silk.

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