Friday Poem: Dream On

reachI read an article recently about people who have lost loved ones, and had vivid and consoling dreams that have helped them through grief. Some of them also spoke of another kind of dream, in which the loved one is nearby, but can’t be reached, which gave me the idea for this poem. I remember a dream like this involving my late sister, in which she was walking ahead of me, but would not turn around – so I know how distressing it can be.IMG_4303 (Large)

Eyes closed
he leans toward her,
lips pursed.
She closes her eyes,
leans in
and waits,
breath bated.

Nothing happens,
and she awakes
with him not there.

follows her
all day.

she will sleep once more.
she will dream again.

Maybe this time
He will not
disappear.IMG_4353 (Large)

Once again, it’s tricky to find photos of dreams, so I’ve picked some that I think reflect the mood. I had some fun editing the top one from a fairly prosaic shadow of my hand on the wall of our house into something completely different. The fabric suggest the “veil” between the living and the dead, and the balloons floating away in the sky…I think you can figure that out.