Creativity : Escape XXVI

Escape VIII

This page of my altered book “Escape” is dedicated to my favourite daydream/future plan – I’m not completely convinced that the universe will drop a craft cafe in my lap, but there’s no harm in trying, I guess!

The old text was obliterated with thick white acrylic, and pink and orange watercolour used over top of that. New text isemphatically written in black Sharpie. The old photo of two little girls is a sticker from a pack I bought in a “cheap shop” – it contained multiples of both photos and text stickers, including clocks, flowers, hearts and sweet old photos like this one. Escape IX

The stamps on these pages are ones I made, drawing the image on an eraser, and cutting around it with a set of Japanese wood carving tools. they’ve been hand coloured after stamping – especially the piece of chocolate cake.

The clock sticker is from the same pack as the little girls on the previous page. The cups, petit four and spoon are stickers – slightly 3-d – that I found (once again) in a cheap shop. They are very pretty and olde worlde. I bought a second pack when they reappeared in the store – I like them!Escape X I used a finer pen to write on this page – Do what your heart desires and walk only where you can see the the truth. Unfortunately, writing in black across a dark coloured cup stamp makes the advice difficult to read. Learn from my mistake, don’t do that! I should have either worked around the cup, using the pale background to write on, or used a lighter colour – perhaps a gel pen, for the text.

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