Friday Poem: Night Walk

I think I slept pretty well last night, and even the night before, but here’a a poem about insomnia anyway. Maybe I drink too much coffee some days, but I also think being social gives my poor introverted brain too much input, which keeps me wide AWAKE whether I like it or not – in which case some creative visualisation is a passable substitute for actual sleep…late July2011 111 (Large)

I don’t want to go to sleep.
What do I want to do instead?
I want to step out of my body
+ go for a long walk,
naked as before I was born.

I would walk through the woods
to the cabin that
overlooks the sea,
and the chapel across the bay
+ the little stream that runs into it,
and the sliver of beach.

I could stay all night
and come back just before dawn,
naked as before I was born.

late July2011 106 (Large)

It’s tricky to take photos of places that exist only in one’s imagination, so I have hunted out some images which I hope convey something of the mood of the poem. I love to take photos while driving (as a passenger!) because there is so little control over the result – you never know quite what you’ll get. late July2011 050 (Large)

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