Creativity: Escape XXV

Here are a couple more pages from my altered book “Escape”.Escape V For years I have cut out and saved horoscopes from newspapers and magazines if something in them particularly appealed to me. This page has three which kind of relate to each other – with the parts that didn’t apply redacted with scissors. I especially like the notion that time is precious and therefore should be “wasted” on daydreaming! Most of the page is masked with a big yellow sticker, with lots of doodles filling in the margins.

Escape VI


The following page has a page torn from an art magazine – the featured work is of Maldon, an historic old mining town near my birthplace, Castlemaine. The quaint old buildings have been protected, so it is a popular tourist destination, with art galleries and interesting shops (including my sister-in-law’s Teddy and Me). For once I kept the name of the artist for future reference! I also preserved the words “happy”, happiness” and “Oh, yes” from the original text. The leading edge is bound with a strip of adhesive copper tape. It is sold under the name “Slugga”, and is intended for use in the garden, for deterring slugs. However, it is useful and pretty in an art context as well!Escape VII

Lastly for this week, a detail of the stamp near the bottom of the page. It came as part of a set of vintage-style travel themed stamps. The smudges of watercolour look much more interesting in close-up. It also reveals the texture of the old book paper.

More next week!